Privacy statement for the app “BubCon Messenger“

Privacy statement and consent

We, the BubCon Media enterprise company, An der Hasenkaule 22, 50354 Köln-Hürth, Germany, are pleased about your interest in our app “BubCon Messenger“. As the provider of the app it is a matter of concern to us to handle your data absolutely safely. The collection, processing and use of your personal data is conducted considering the valid data protection regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act and the Federal Act for Telemedia Services. We will not use your personal data in any other form. This privacy statement can be accessed, stored and printed at the URL In the following we will illustrate which data we conduct, process and use. Furthermore, we will show when and for which purpose we conduct, process and use data.

I. Collection, processing and use of personal data

Personal data are particulars about personal or factual circumstances of a defined or definable person (§ 3 Abs. I BDSG), so they are data which allow to draw conclusions from a person.

With installation of the BubCon Messenger we conduct the following personal data:

Registration and use
Use of BubCon Messenger is not possible withour registration. With registration we conduct the following data:

User name We need your user name in order to install and take care of your user account. With the help of your user name we and other users of BubCon Messenger are able to get in touch with you.
Telephone number In order to make sure that other users can communicate with you via our chat function we collect and process your telephone number.
Country With the help of your telephone number we determine the country from which you make use of our service. Thereby, we optimize the technical
operations of BubCon Messenger.
Telephone numbers in your address book Telephone numbers in your address book are collected and processed so that you can get in touch with your contacts via BubCon Messenger.
Date of birth (optional) We collect and process your date of birth in order to remind your contacts of your birthday.
Profile picture (optional) If you decide to make use of a profile picture, it will be attributed to your user acount and will be visible to every user. In the settings for visibility you can set whether the profile picture should be visible for everyone, only for your contacts or for nobody.

In the following, you can find further data we conduct regarding the use of BubCon Messenger:

If you want to share files, e. g. audio-, video-, or image files In order to transfer your data to other users. The content of the data is automatically encrypted and is only available for the people involved in the communication.
Status update, in case you set it up Your status update will be conducted and processed in order to show it to a group of people which you determine.
Payment details In order to display how long your account is still active.

Maximum storage time
The encrypted messages and media (pictures, videos etc.) are deleted as soon as they are successfully delivered. Messages and media, which weren’t accessed/delivered, are automatically deleted from our server after 30 days.

II. Transmission of personal data to third parties

We will not transmit personal data to anyone without your consent, unless we are required by law to provide information to law enforcement authorities and court or public authorities which receive information due to statutory provisions, e.g. social insurance agencies, tax authorities et cetera. Furthermore, we will transmit personal data in order to enforce our claims by involving third parties who are obliged to maintain professional secrecy.

III. Data security

BubCon Media GmbH is not able to decrypt your messages/media since we do not have any information on the private key.

We secure our systems against loss, damage, access from unauthorized persons, modification or transmission of your data by unauthorized persons with the help of technical and organizational measures. However, despite regular monitoring, a complete protection from all threats is not possible.
In some cases BubCon Messenger uses the industry standard TLS (Transport Layer Security) for encryption. Hereby, the confidentiality of your personal data is ensured via the internet.

If we find out about a security gap we will inform you via your contact details or we will publish the news on our website or other communication platforms. Thus, we will inform you about new protective measures.

IV. Announcement of changes

Changes in legislation or changes in our intra-corporate processes can lead to an adjustment of the privacy statement at hand. In case such a change takes place we will inform you at least six weeks in advance on our website or via the BubCon Messenger. Generally, you have the right of revocation regarding prior consents. Please notice that the most recent version of the privacy statement is valid (unless you make use of your right of revocation).

V. Updating/deletion of your personal data

At all times you can check, change or delete your personal data, which were made available to us, by sending an e-mail to
Furthermore, you have the right of revocation regarding prior consents which are valid for the future.

Your stored personal data will be deleted as soon as your consent for storage is revoked or if the purpose for storage is not fulfilled anymore.

VI. Right of access

You have the right of access to your stored data (free of charge) as well as, if applicable, the right of correction, blocking or deletion of your data.

VII. Contact for data security

If you have questions regarding the collection, processing or use of your personal data, if you wish to have access to your data or if you want your data to be corrected, blocked or deleted, please contact:

BubCon Media GmbH
An der Hasenkaule 22
50354 Köln-Hürth

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