Create sub-topics with the BubCon Messenger

People might ask themselves: What is special about the new BubCon Messenger? Well, it is definitely the great design. However, this was not the initial reason for creating a new messenger. We had a vision, to take communication to the next level by being able to create sub-topics within different chats.

We all know single- and group chats from other messengers like WhatsApp. We simply asked ourselves how we could improve communication in terms of clarity and practicality.

Previous situation: A week ago a family member of mine wrote something important in our “Family-group” that I want to look up again. I scroll and scroll in order to find the needed information. But since the group members wrote many new messages it is difficult to find the information. I am looking for a needle in a haystack which is time consuming and annoying.

The new BubCon Messenger has a worldwide new feature which allows you to create sub-topics in single- and group chats. So, in your family group you can easily create the sub-topics “Birthday Ma”, “Barbecue on Friday” or/and “Vacation Mexico”. This has the big advantage that you can talk about different topics in different sub-groups. You do not have to talk about everything in one chat anymore. As a result, communication is clearly arranged and you are able to find information much quicker than before. With the new BubCon Messenger you can create up to 8 sub-topics for each chat.

How do I create sub-topics?

  1. Go to the main-screen and tap the purple plus icon. Now you can create single- and group chats. If you select “Group”, you can enter a group name. Subsequently, the group is created and is represented via a big bubble.
  2. Underneath the big bubble there is another, smaller bubble with a plus icon in it. Tap the small bubble and you are able to create a sub-topic and you can choose a color for the group and the sub-topic.
  3. You will now be asked who shall participate in this sub-topic. So, it is possible that members from the main-group do not have access to the created sub-topic. This makes sense, e.g.: Why should your mother, who is a member of the “family group”, have access to the sub-topic “Birthday Ma” if you want to talk about birthday presents and a surprise party?
  4. After you decided which group members shall participate in the sub-topic, the new sub-topic is created.


To sum up, with the BubCon Messenger users can create sub-topics for the first time. Our aim was to create a more practicable and visually attractive tool that will ease communication on our smartphones. With the help of sub-topics communication is clearly arranged, which makes it easier for the user to keep track of all the information, and information can be found much quicker. This feature is a worldwide novelty which hasn’t been considered in any other messenger.

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