All features in short video-clips

In the videos, we will explain to you how to make perfect use of BubCon.

Invite friends to BubCon

If many of your friends use BubCon, you all can take advantage of the great features together. So, invite all of your friends to BubCon.

Create new groups

Simply create new groups with friends, family or co-workers and talk about anything you like.

Create sub-topics

Take advantage of sub-topics which help you structure communication with your chat partners. Create sub-topics and improve the current way of chatting with each other.

Add external members

You can also add external members to your sub-topics, who then only have access to the sub-topics and not to the main-groups.

Exclude members

When you create a new sub-topic, you may also exclude members who, however, can be members of the main-group.

Filter single- & group chats

The filter feature allows you to filter single- & group chats on the main-screen. As a result, you have a better overview of all of your chats.

Change the color of your chat

Change the color of your chats just the way you like. You can change the color of one chat individually or have all chats displayed in one color.

Mute your chats

You can mute every single chat, group chat and all sub-topics if you do not want to be disturbed.

Save/Archive chats

You can save/archive your chats. This way you still have access to the chat history, even if you deleted your chat.

Highlight members

Highlight members of your group to call their attention to something interesting. These members will receive an extra notification.

Reply to messages

If you reply to a message in your chat, your chat members will see what message you are referring to because it is highlighted.

Delete messages

If you have sent a message to the wrong person or chat, you can delete it quickly from this chat.

Send voice messages

You can pause, rewind and overplay your voice messages. Furthermore, you can listen to them before sending.

Create a poll

To come to a quick decision with your group members, create a poll in which every group member can vote.

Search for & send media

You can easily search for GIFs, pictures, sounds and YouTube videos on the internet via the BubCon Messenger and send them straight to your friends.

Create GIFs

With the help of a new feature you can create two-second-animations and send them as an animated GIF-file.

Send a broadcast message

With a broadcast message, you can send one message to many contacts without having to create a new group.

Allocate hashtags to messages

With the hashtag-feature you can allocate hashtags to messages. As a result, you can find messages much easier and quicker.

Different designs

You can choose from three different designs. Adjust your user interface to your needs – just the way you like it.

Change font & font size

You can change font & font size of your chat messages to ensure variety in your chats and/or to improve the readability of your messages.

Different languages

With the BubCon Messenger you can switch between different languages. After choosing a new language the messenger is restarted and the new language is activated.

Create a profile picture gallery

BubCon allows you to create a profile gallery in which your profile pictures automatically switch after a given time.

Do not disturb feature

You can either mute BubCon completely or determine at what time/on what day(s) it shall be muted. Furthermore, you have the option to grant exceptions so that some contacts are allowed to disturb you.

Protect BubCon with a PIN

Activate the BubCon-PIN-Protection so that no one has access to your personal data and chats.

Experience BubCon on your smartphone!

Experience BubCon on your smartphone!

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