The BubCon Messenger is now also available for the iPhone

Since August 2016 the BubCon Messenger can be downloaded on Google Play Store for Android devices. Additionally, the BubCon staff has gradually worked on an iOS-version for iPhone users. After a successful beta test phase of two months the BubCon Messenger is now available on Apple App Store.

“It was a long and complicated task, which demanded a great deal of our staff, but we are happy to announce that we have taken a big step forward towards where we aim to be. Due to the innovative structure of our topics, the realization of the iOS-version did take us longer than expected. However, we are very satisfied with the outcome”, explains Ilario Aiello, CEO of the BubCon Media GmbH.

Now the full potential of the BubCon Messenger can be tapped because Android and iOS-users can communicate via the messenger.

iPhone users now have the opportunity to take advantage of a complete new way of communicating with friends and family or in the business world, due to a worldwide unique way of creating topics. In addition, the BubCon Messenger stands out with an innovative design and many more great features, like a hashtag- or poll feature.

The calling feature has recently been implemented into the app. Hence, BubCon users can communicate via the internet for free by using audio- or video call. Further milestones are planned for next year, like a web- or tablet-version. Moreover, there will be a special version for businesses and it is planned to make the app compatible with smartwatches.

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