Sending stickers with the BubCon Messenger

Sometimes we misunderstand received messages because we don’t know how they are actually meant. Are we looking at a serious message or is it meant ironically? To make clear what we mean we therefore often use emojis when sending messages. The most used emojis are smileys. They come in all kind of variations, e.g. smiling, sad, surprised, tears of joy etc. Emojis help us express emotions so that our communication partners are able to interpret our intention correctly.

We also integrated emojis into our BubCon Messenger because they are an important tool. However, BubCon would not be BubCon if we wouldn’t try to go a step further. Therefore, we decided to integrate a sticker-shop into the BubCon Messenger. To be successful, we understand that these stickers have to be interesting and innovative and not boring and uncreative like many other stickers on Facebook for example. For this to succeed, we have put together a team of design-experts who are working on new ideas and the realization of great stickers. Currently there are 58 stickers of our BubCon mascot, for free. In the long run, we plan to create many more stickers for our BubCon sticker-shop. In the future, you will have the opportunity to buy sticker-sets of 20-25 stickers for 1,99€.

Stickers allow us to express our mood and feelings in many different ways. Similar to an entertaining TV-series, you will be amazed of our BubCon sticker-heroes and their entertaining adventures.

So far three other messengers use stickers (LINE, WeChat and Telegram). WhatsApp and Threema do not offer stickers. The most successful messenger, which sells stickers, is LINE with its bizarre sticker-characters Brown, Cony and Moon. Inspired by the concept of Kimokawaii the characters are sweet and at the same time gross. But the messenger LINE also has a big disadvantage, data security. In February 2014 a German product test foundation, Stiftung Warentest, rated the LINE Messenger “very critical”, regarding its use with personal data. Eventually, in a second test in August 2015, the foundation considered the messenger “satisfactory”.

Our aim is to successfully establish stickers in Germany. But it is important to us to not only copy sticker-concepts but to set new standards by offering you a new way of entertainment.

To sum up: Momentarily BubCon users have access to 58 stickers, at no charge. In the not too distant future the BubCon Messenger will offer a sticker-shop for its users. No other German messenger has ever done that. Stickers have two major advantages. They help us express our emotions and feelings when texting. Furthermore, sticker-sets can be very entertaining. By creating unique and funny characters and storylines our BubCon sticker-heroes will cause a lot of excitement.

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